my personal approach

My approach can be best described as integrative or holistic. Since I have been trained in psychology and psychotherapy, my main tool is confidential conversation. Being able to confine and to feel understood have incredible effects on one’s well-being. Besides trying to understand the complexity of one’s problems, I also engage in activating one’s potential, help the client to assume responsibility for one’s choices and confront what has been avoided. In my work with clients, I also stress the importance of the body’s knowledge and physical fitness for our well-being. I advise about sports or diet if necessary.

I have been trained in clinical psychology as well as existential therapy and counselling. The latter is based on the ideas of the philosophy of existentialism and how these can help us live a better, more authentic, life. Several other forms of psychotherapy and counselling were also part of my training, such as psychoanalytic, cognitive behavioural, mindfulness, Gestalt, and psychodrama. These approaches together inform my integrative way of working as a psychologist and coach. Amongst many other authors and practitioners, I find a lot of inspiration in the works of Irvin Yalom, Erich Fromm and Eugene Gendlin.

As there is no convincing scientific evidence for superiority of one therapeutic approach, I adapt my way of working so that it suits the client’s needs. I strive to help my clients to find their own answers and solutions to problems through a relationship based on mutual respect, equality and empowerment. In my opinion, such an approach is the best guarantee for long-term improvement or change.