Employee assistance for companies

Employee Assistance

Employee assistance programme is a service offered by Inter-Being to employers or companies. It provides organisations with professional strategies and interventions for personal and workplace support. Such assistance is intended to help employees to deal with work-related problems and / or personal problems that might negatively impact their job productivity, health or well-being. By providing this assistance, the employers improve performance and increase the well-being of their employees. Employee assitance includes confidential support, assessment, short-term solution-focused counselling or, if necessary, referral.

Employee assistance can be used to address a variety of issues such as stress, anxiety, grief, burn-out, substance absue, family problems, work-related conflicts, relocation and cultural adjustment issues. If necessary, assistance can include a consultative relationship with the management to adress the needs of the organisation as well as the employee. Lastly, employee assistance can be used to prevent or cope with special situations at workplace such as trauma, violence or other emergency situations.

Depending on the type and seriousness of the problem, the employer can pay for a package of certain amount of sessions (5, 8 or 12 sessions), together with support via email and telephone. The sessions can take place at workplace, via Skype or at Inter-Being office. The sessions can also be covered by health insurance, provided the employee gets a referral letter from the general practitioner. In this case the employer pays for the additional support via email and telephone, possible assessment and / or management consultation. Please contact Inter-Being for more information about the services and rates.