Mental coaching for athletes

Mental Coaching

I am the mental coach of KTA – Kazemi Taekwondo Academy sports team. KTA is a taekwondo club that was founded by Habib Kazemi in November 2012 in Groningen. Besides giving regular training to young taekwondo athletes, Kazemi Taekwondo Academy is also very proud of its professional team, which competes at both national and international levels. In addition to the physical training KTA also pays attention to homework, video analysis and mental coaching. Inter-being is committed to mental coaching and guiding of the KTA professional team.

In the KTA club the current focus is particularly on the youth from various walks of life. The members are the focal point of the club. Together we deeply encourage their personality development and aim to contribute to their knowledge, understanding and skills, not only for taekwondo but for life in general. Taekwondo is a form of marshal arts that stands especially for qualities such as respect, discipline, cordiality, concentration, confidence, self-control, coordination and condition.

Mental state of an athlete is a major determining factor for the athlete’s performance under stress. Research shows that up to 70-80% of performance depends on the athlete’s mental and emotional state. It is therefore crucial to give mental training the attention that it deserves in order to achieve athlete’s goals and boost their performance.

Besides being involved as mental coach for taekwondo athletes, coaching is also offered to athletes in other sports. Please contact Inter-Being if you would like to know more about the services, the rates or you have any other questions.