Inter-Being Psychologists offer psychological help in several languages to expats, students and couples in Amsterdam, Groningen and Delft. Our approach is multidisciplinary and multicultural. Health insurance coverage is possible.

Are you an international student in the Netherlands and are you struggling with stress, anxiety or depressive feelings? Do you need professional help to support you during your studies abroad?
Are you an expat and do you struggle with mental health problems or with adjusting to the life in the Netherlands? Do you need professional help with finding solutions to your problems?
Are you an international couple struggling with your relationship? Do you want professional help to improve your communication and find each other again?

At the moment we don’t have any waiting list in Amsterdam. In Groningen we currently have a halt in admissions.

We offer evening sessions in Amsterdam.


Nieuwe Prinsengracht 25, 1018 EE, Amsterdam

Hoge der A 3-B, 9712 AC, Groningen

Marshalllaan 2, 2625 GZ, Delft