Annemarie Danton, MSc

Annemarie Danton, MSc

GZ-Psycholoog / Health Care Psychologist, Main practitioner Inter-Being Groningen


I love good conversations over a good dinner, which is probably due to my French heritage. I was born in France and moved to the Netherlands at an early age. 


Besides dinner conversations, sports have always played an important role in my life. Competitive Irish dancing, rowing, and rugby gave me the opportunity to travel and meet people from different cultures. These experiences allowed me to create a sense of me being part of a global culture instead of a specific one, which brings me to my choice of studies: Liberal Arts and Sciences and Psychology at Utrecht University. 


My choice of master’s degree, Health and Medical Psychology at Leiden University, was also influenced by experiences from my sports career. It gave me a deeper understanding of how mental and physical health can influence each other and inspired me to immerse myself into this topic. After completing my Master’s, I worked in a hospital setting for a couple of years. I did my post-master education (GZ-opleiding) in the Martini Hospital in Groningen.


In between my degrees I traveled to New Zealand to live and work there. It was a great experience for personal growth, but also made me understand the difficulties people can experience when living in a new country. Working at Inter-Being feels like home for me, since it is a place where many different cultures come together, and a deeper understanding of people and cultures takes place.


As GZ-psychologist I have a holistic and personalized approach, with attention for the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of health. My goal is to look beyond the problems someone is experiencing and create a bigger understanding of the person. I aim to create a space in which someone feels understood and connected in working through the difficulties of life, to reach sustainable change. In therapy I use techniques from schema focused therapy, CBT, EMDR, ACT, Mindfulness and focusing. I apply these techniques towards what each individual client needs.


I work in Groningen and provide therapy in Dutch, English and French. 


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BIG register GZ-Psycholoog / Registered Health Care Psychologist: 89932214225