Inter-Being Psychologists offers psychological help in several languages to expats, international students and couples in Amsterdam, Groningen and The Hague. We are a team of expat psychologists living and working in the Netherlands.


On the basis of mutual respect and equality, we aim to help our clients to find their own answers to problems in life. This proves to be the best way to achieve long lasting change and relief. When possible we avoid unnecessary pathologization and focus on empowering the client. Our services are confidential and discrete. Given the fact that there is no proven scientific evidence that one therapeutic approach is superior to the other, our psychologists adapt to the needs of the client and work together towards the best possible individual treatment. We especially recognize the importance of viewing the human being from a holistic and humanistic point of view.


Besides referring to ‘being an international’ and thus being and feeling in-between different worlds, Inter-Being also refers to the in-between in another sense – to the power of the connection between human beings. Living an international existence entails much potential for personal growth but can also bring many challenges. As human beings, we all need a place to feel at home, a place where we are comfortable, where we feel safe and can be ourselves. At Inter-Being we aim to offer this to our clients and we help them create this in their lives as well.


The term ‘Inter-Being’ refers to the fact that as human beings we cannot exist by ourselves alone, we can only inter-be. Healing can happen in a relationship between human beings. According to the legendary Zen Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh: ‘interbeing’ refers to the art of knowing how to love, and understanding is love’s other name. To love means to fully understand the other’s suffering and understanding is the best gift one can give to another person. When we accept others just as they are, they have a chance to transform.