Bettina Wimmer, MSc

Bettina Wimmer, MSc

BIG Psychotherapeut (Psychotherapist), Main practitioner Inter-Being Amsterdam


I was born and raised in Austria. In 2016 we started a new adventure as a family and moved to The Netherlands. I know what it means to move to another country from different perspectives, from the perspective of a child and teenager, a woman starting from scratch in a new environment and, last but not least, from the perspective of all my wonderful clients that I have helped during the past years.


I offer therapeutic sessions to clients who experience suffering, such as depression, anxiety, isolation, loss or other emotional pain. During therapy we focus on the whole person, on your way of being, and together we explore how you became the person you are. Therapy can help heal wounds from difficult life events and helps you better understand your emotional pain in order to be able to let go of this pain or deal differently with it.


During my education (I hold a Master’s degree in Education from University of Vienna and I am an Austrian certified person-centred psychotherapist) I was especially interested in how to create an environment where people can grow and heal. Carl Rogers, the founder of the person-centred approach, believed that in order to develop a healthy and stable self-concept it is essential to offer unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding in a therapeutic relationship. Those who possess a stable sense of self tend to be more confident and cope with life’s challenges more effectively and can be more authentic themselves.


Three years ago, I discovered Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) as an inspiring completion to my therapeutic work. It can be defined as a therapeutic practice informed by an understanding of the role emotion plays in psychotherapeutic change. Emotions alert us regarding situations that are important for our well-being by giving us information about what is good and bad by means of evaluating whether our needs are being met. They can also prepare and guide us in these important situations to take action towards meeting our needs.


I am looking forward to offering you a safe space and facilitate your process so you can become the person you really want to be.


I provide therapy in German and English in Amsterdam.


“The good life is a process, not a state of being!” Carl Rogers



BIG register Psychotherapeut (Registered Psychotherapist): 79929102316