Generalistische Basis GGZ / General basic mental health care (GB-GGZ) 

At Inter-Being Psychologists we offer general basic mental health care (in Dutch Generalistische Basis GGZ or short GB-GGZ), which is meant to offer short-term psychological treatment for those who have mental health issues with low risk and low complexity. 


Basic mental health care is not priced per session but in minutes per trajectory. This means that within a certain amount of therapy minutes, regardless whether you have received more or less sessions, the price for the trajectory is the same. The minutes include direct therapy time but also indirect time, such as report writing or contact with your general practitioner. It is divided into trajectories Basic short, Basic medium, Basic intensive and Basic chronic. The trayectory will be estimated by your therapist and you at the beginning of the therapy and may always be extended to 750 minutes if needed.  Please see the table below for the prices per trajectory: 

NameLengthPrice in €
Basis Kort (BK)max 294 min503,47
Basis Middel (BM)max 495 min853,38
Basis Intensief (BI)max 750 min1.383,65
Basis Chronisch (BC)max 753 min1.330,98
Onvolledig behandeltraject/Intake only120 min219,78
OVP (onverzekerde zorg per consult)60 min (45 min direct, 15 min indirect)110,27
No-show (te laat / niet afgezegde afspraak)per time60,00

Own Risk/Eigen Risico

Own risk or ‘eigen risico’ is the term that refers to the fixed legal amount of self-paid health care that the government sets. Usually this amount is €385. It means that you have to pay the first €385 of any medical expenses in a calendar year yourself. After you have exceeded this amount, your insurance will cover your costs, depending on your chosen policy. Make sure that you are aware of the amount of own risk you have to pay per calendar year. It is namely possible to set this amount higher (max 885€) in order to pay a lower monthly rate. 


Ongecontracteerde GGZ / Contract-free mental health care 


At Inter-Being Psychologists we don’t have contracts with health insurances. This means that we do not get paid directly via these companies. Therefore we need to charge you a deposit for each session at the end of the month. At the end of the treatment you get an invoice for the full trajectory that you can send to your health insurance and get it reimbursed. The amount of money they reimburse you will always depend on your chosen policy and your own risk. We strongly recommend all our clients to take an active part in checking with their insurance companies what amount of the treatment will be covered. 

We are always open and available to help you resolve any doubts you may have regarding these issues