Therapy for Expats

Inter-Being is a team of English speaking psychologists who specialize in working with expats and are expats themselves. We have locations in Amsterdam and Groningen. Therapy or counselling is suitable for individuals, who experience problems in life that interfere with life satisfaction, performance, balance or well-being. If you are not able to solve such problems yourself, you can make good use of professional help. The length of the therapeutic process depends on the severity of the issues and can range from a couple of sessions to a long-term therapeutic process. We specialise in working with expats living in the Netherlands, mostly those living close to Amsterdam and Groningen but we also work online. Our international team speaks English, German, Norwegian, Russian, Bulgarian, Dutch, SlovenianCroatian and other languages from former Yugoslavia. We can help you with issues such as:

  • anxiety and stress
  • self-esteem issues
  • depression and mood swings
  • compulsions and addictions
  • burnout and life-work balance
  • work related issues
  • cultural adjustment
  • sexuality and relationship issues
  • identity and career questions
  • trauma, abuse and grief
  • personal growth
  • existential and life-meaning questions
English speaking psychologists for expats in Amsterdam

We also offer online support groups for expats

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