Health Insurance


Hereby we provide the most important information for new clients looking to use Dutch health insurance to cover their treatment at Inter-Being. Please read the information carefully and don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions. Points 2, 3 & 4 don’t apply if you are a student from EU and will be using European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

1. Obtain correct referral

In order to use your Dutch health insurance to cover your treatment at Inter-Being Psychologists, you need a referral letter from your general practitioner for either basic (Generalistische Basis GGZ or GB-GGZ) or specialised (Gespecialiseerde GGZ or G-GGZ/S-GGZ) mental health care. The referral letter needs to include the following information: referral for GB-GGZ or G-GGZ treatment, state that there is a (suspicion of) a DSM-V mental health disorder, date of referral, name and function of the person that is referring the client and the AGB-code of this person.

2. No contracts with insurances

At Inter-Being Psychologists we work without contracts with insurances (contractvrij). This means that clients pay for the treatment themselves and get this reimbursed by their insurance at the end of the treatment. Information about the amount of reimbursement according to your insurance and type of package is available on the website Contractvrije Psycholoog:

3. Check with your insurance

In order to be completely sure how much of the treatment your insurance will cover, you need to check this directly with them. Hereby, we provide you with the information that you can use when checking with your insurance.
Please give your insurance the following information:
You would like to start therapy at a mental health institution (In Dutch: instelling) that works without contracts with insurances or ‘contractvrij’.  You can state that you have a referral letter for GB-GGZ or G-GGZ. Ask them to confirm whether they will cover your treatment and tell you what percentage they will cover. Some insurances require an authorisation before therapy trajectory can start.

4. Own risk

Please note that your own risk (eigen risico) will first be used if you have not used it previously this year. This means that you will receive a reimbursement minus the amount of your own risk, which is usually 385 euros. If you are unaware of the amount of your own risk you should check this with your insurance as well.