Jan Jeworutzki, MSc

Jan Jeworutzki, MSc

BIG Psychotherapeut (Psychotherapist), Main practitioner Inter-Being Amsterdam


I was born and raised in Southern Germany. Early on, I discovered an interest in other cultures and countries which lead me to spend a year as an exchange student in the US, followed by travels to Australia, South America and Asia. I completed my Masters in Clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam and proceeded with my post-doctoral training in psychotherapy in Berlin where I also had my own practice for 5 years.


Upon returning to the Netherlands with my German/Dutch family I have worked for the past 5 years as an expat psychotherapist and head of treatment in a large expat treatment center in The Hague. I hold the BIG registration as a Psychotherapeut since 2018.


My approach to any therapy process is understanding first, change later. I strive to always make sure that I and, more importantly, the client can make sense of the origin, evolution and function of the problem or disorder and develop an individual treatment plan for changing or improving maladaptive behaviour. That way, I have learned, we can reach the highest level of transparency and motivation for change.


In my work I utilize theories and methods from various schools that I have been trained in and gained experience with, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamics, Schema Therapy, Emotion Focussed Therapy, Psychodrama and Client Centered approaches. The latter also describes best my general therapeutic attitude towards individuality and self-sufficiency of every human being and the importance of a honest, respectful and trustful therapeutic relationship as base for a successful process.


I provide therapy in German, Dutch and English in Amsterdam.



BIG register Psychotherapeut (Registered Psychotherapist): 29920516616