Karst Tjoelker, MSc

Karst Tjoelker, MSc

Halfway through my college years, studying psychology, one thing became clear to me: I was not going to be a therapist. Clinical psychology, as it was taught, was too clinical for me, too statistical, and it did not help me get a better understanding of myself, let alone other people. I chose a master’s degree in social psychology, added a bit of philosophy and sociology, and off I went – not becoming a therapist.


I had several jobs before I started writing, which I still do. I like to explore and clarify psychological topics in the articles I write, and I talk with scientists and other experts about the course and development of psychology.  Yet, I discovered that I also love connecting with people, and along the way, I decided that I should reserve time and energy for that purpose.


First, I became a mindfulness-teacher. I followed a mindfulnesstraining, which led me to discover a lot of books about meditation, spirituality, and eventually, bodywork. It blew my mind: this was the stuff I was looking for all along! I didn’t read about Carl Jung in college, or about the importance of the body, or about the psychodynamics. I discovered some really inspiring teachers and slowly but surely, I knew that I wanted help others and work as a psychologist.


In the last few years, I’ve worked with a very broad range of clients, and I was able to learn how to use myself as an ‘instrument’ – to listen with my own feelings, to mirror the person in front of me, and how to give room to the authentic person that is hidden underneath the layers that we build as humans. I love to make a genuine connection and search for the meaning behind the problems that one is facing in the here and now. I am a firm believer in responsibility, authenticity, and the possibility of change. There is so much to disclose and discover about ourselves. In my approach with clients I use elements of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment-therapy, solutionfocused therapy and Reichian bodywork.


I am originally from a country called Friesland, and I offer therapy in Frisian. I also offer therapy in English, Dutch and online.