Magdalena Hristova, MSc

Magdalena Hristova, MSc

My journey as a practicing psychologist started at a student counselling practice in Groningen where I have been working with Dutch and international students for more than two years. As a psychologist, I have a broad experience with student and expat clients living in The Netherlands. I have worked with topics such as cultural adjustment, feeling at home, identity questions in a foreign environment but also managing anxiety and stress, staying motivated, working with low self-esteem and relationship issues.


My approach is client-centered, aiming at empowering the client to achieve greater independence in life, to not only help them manage the current issues but to also assist them to cope with their problems in the future. My approach is also influenced by the Buddhist teachings that I have been practicing already my whole life and the mindful attitude that I have developed as a result. I have also completed workshops and courses in the field of couple’s therapy, family systems therapy, family constellations, and psychodrama. In working with clients, I use elements of existential psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, CBT, systemic therapy and art therapy.


I was born and raised in Bulgaria but already at the age of 19 I moved to the Netherlands. I hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s degree in Work & Organizational Psychology. Having been through my own challenges and milestones as an expat, I am very well familiar with the potential difficulties that may arise when living, studying or working in a foreign country. I help people to find their inner strength and seize the opportunities that life offers them. I strongly believe that by knowing ourselves better we can make the right decisions and have a more meaningful, happy and fulfilling life regardless of where we are located.


I offer therapy in English, Dutch and Bulgarian in Groningen. Amsterdam will also be an option in the near future.


Registrations / memberships:

PSYCHOLOOG NIP – Nederlandse Instituut van Psychologen

Diamond Way Buddhism Organisation