Manon Wolters, MSc

Manon Wolters, MSc

GZ-Psycholoog / Health Care Psychologist, Main practitioner Inter-Being Groningen


My profession as a psychologist is in line with who I am. From an early age I have been interested in what makes people who they are.  The study Psychology came my way after I first followed my other interest, namely that of other languages ​​and cultures. I studied Spanish and Communication Sciences at the University of Groningen (RUG). Then I studied and lived in Spain. There I found that living abroad and functioning in a different culture can be an enriching as well as a difficult experience.


Back in the Netherlands I worked as a communication expert for various organizations in both the commercial and non-profit sector. In that period my interest in the human being behind the communication process was rekindled. I decided to follow my heart and started studying Clinical Psychology at the RUG. After completing my Master’s I was able to start with the post-master education to become a GZ-psychologist.


As a GZ- psychologist I have gained work experience in various settings. For example I worked at a reintegration institution and many years in Medical Psychology. I also worked at a general practice where I gained experience in treating young adults, international students and expats. When giving therapy I use treatment methods such as CBT, ACT, EMDR and Mindfulness. I also work with interventions from schema therapy, positive psychology and body-oriented approaches.


In contact with clients I can be characterized as accessible, transparent in communication and looking for the person behind the psychological complaints. I work from a broad perspective, in which I also have an eye for the spiritual and philosophical dimensions of our existence.


Every person can have a period in life when psychological problems occur. We can therefore become unbalanced and lose connection with ourselves or others. I experience giving therapy as a way to embark on the quest together to refind yourself and regain balance. Being able to contribute to this process as a psychologist makes me do my work with great pleasure and gratitude.


I work in Groningen and give therapy in Dutch, English and Spanish.


Registrations / memberships:

BIG register GZ-Psycholoog / Registered Health Care Psychologist: 79908537425