Matthias ten Broek, MSc

Matthias ten Broek, MSc

I was born and raised in a small city in Friesland, Drachten. From a young age I was interested in music, logically I pursued a career in music, so I studied jazz guitar at the conservatory in Zwolle. Because of an injury I had to rethink my career and decided to try a year of psychology. Fast forward, in 2013 I finished my master in clinical psychology at the university of Groningen (RUG) and started working in healthcare.


Since then, I have worked in different settings such as small group practices and also in pain rehabilitation. The last few years I worked with (international) students and expats. The above gave me experience with a multitude of questions that clients can bring to the table. I have experience working with trauma, anxiety, depression, autism, ADHD, OCD and negative self-image.


My therapeutic approach is aiming at empowering the client to achieve greater independence in life, to address issues on a deeper level and to resolve conflict within. I am a true believer in giving the client the method to regain peace within, rather than trying to solve it for the client.


I am trained in different methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic approaches, EMDR and more recently in Transactional Analysis. In general I tend to approach therapy from a broad perspective and try to match with what is needed for the client.


I provide therapy in Dutch and English in Groningen.


Registrations / memberships:
PSYCHOLOOG NIP – Nederlandse Instituut van Psychologen