Miriam Terbonssen, MSc

Miriam Terbonssen, MSc

My name is Miriam Terbonssen and I was born and raised in Germany. I decided to move to The Netherlands when I was 18 whilst choosing for the path to become a psychologist. Here started my experience as an international student and later expat, studying and working in a different language. Being deeply interested in the differences between human beings, I was eager to travel a lot during my studies to get to know other cultures and other ways of living. Due to these international experiences, I have been interested in the questions “where is my home?” and “what does ‘home’ mean?” for years. It is enriching to support others in their process of exploring where and what ‘home’ is.


At the University of Groningen, I have obtained a Master’s degree in Environmental Psychology, where I investigated the impact of mindful behaviour on personal well-being. After my postgraduate studies I chose to combine Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with more body-oriented / somatic approaches.


At the moment, I am specializing in a somatic therapy (Aumm Institute). Unlike more common mental health approaches, which focus prominently on the mind, somatic therapy also works with body-oriented modalities such as dance, breathwork and meditation to support clients through their healing journey. This kind of therapy aims to help release stress, tension and trauma that is stuck in the physical body. Especially when you are dealing with different forms of anxieties, or when you have problems with connecting with your own feelings, this therapeutic approach can help you to reconnect to yourself and your own body.


My aim and passion as a therapist is to support you in your own, authentic growth process. Hereby, we investigate together what your needs are at any given moment in order to live a fulfilling and authentic life.


I give therapy in German, English and Dutch at our location in Groningen and online.