Online student support group

Online student support group

Why support group?


  • Do you feel anxious or stressed? 
  • Do you miss your friends or family? 
  • Do you experience difficulties in concentrating or motivating yourself? 
  • Do you feel lonely or isolated?


A support group is a source of learning, inspiring and supporting each other. While living abroad we are faced with struggles, frustrations and limitations. It can be hard to deal with these on your own. Support group can help you feel that you are not alone in this process. You can learn to give and receive support but also discover new ways of coping. 


What to expect?


The group meetings will be facilitated by two trained expat psychologists, who will be sharing their knowledge and experience as well as creating a safe environment. We are going to meet online every second week. The meetings will include sharing experiences on the relevant topics, psychoeducation and exercises to finding new ways to support yourself.

Examples of the themes we will cover:


  • managing anxiety and stress effectively
  • loneliness, isolation and developing social connections
  • improving concentration and motivation
  • other themes that may arise.




Please send an email to if you are interested in this support group. As soon as you have emailed us, we will arrange a 10-15 minute phone call with you to inform you about the group set-up, talk about your expectations and answer your questions.  

The support group will include 6 bi-weekly meetings of two hours each. It is a closed group, which means that once we start no new participants will join. All participants commit to attend all the group sessions. The group is low-cost to make it affordable for everyone.


Practical information


  • 6 bi-weekly meetings of two hours
  • Price: €30 per session
Enrollment via