Psychological treatment can be covered by basic health insurance package, provided the client has received a valid referral letter from the general practitioner. We work according to the NZA rules (Nederlandse Zorgautoritiet). If you would like to use insurance to cover the sessions, you need a referral letter for Basis GGZ. We don’t have contracts with insurances so you will need to pay for the treatment yourself and provide the invoice to your insurance, who will reimburse you according to your insurance package.

Without insurance coverage the cost of counselling sessions is €110 per session (45 min) for individual sessions. Students and unemployed can request a reduced fee of €85 per session (45 min). Couples counselling costs €130 per session (75 min). A session can be rescheduled or cancelled via telephone or email. If this doesn’t happen 24 hours in advance, the client has to pay a no-show rate of €50.


At the moment, we don’t have a waiting list in Amsterdam and The Hague. In Groningen our waiting list is 4 weeks.  

Please check these links for more information about the costs and health insurance coverage:

Generalistische Basis GGZ  2018

Generalistische Basis GGZ 2019

Vergoedingen 2019

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via email or phone for more information if you have any further questions.

NameLengthAmount of sessionsPrice in €
Basis Kort (BK)max 294 min3-5 sessions507,62
Basis Middel (BM)max 495 min6-8 sessions 864,92
Basis Intensief (BI)max 750 minmax 10 sessions1.356,25
Basis Chronisch (BC)max 753 minmax 12 sessions1.251,70
Onvolledig behandeltraject120 min1-2 sessions207,19
OVP (onverzekerde zorg per consult)60 min (45 min direct, 15 min indirect)1 session105,25
No-show (te laat / niet afgezegde afspraak)/per time60,00
Relatietherapie / Relationship Therapy90 min (75 min direct, 15 min indirect)1 session130,00
Family / Systeem Gesprek / Family / System Session90 min (75 min direct, 15 min indirect)1 session130,00
Counselling student / werkloos / unemployed60 min (45 min direct, 15 min indirect)1 session85,00
Counselling werkend / employed60 min (45 min direct, 15 min indirect)1 session110,00
Supervisie / Leertherapie / Supervision / Personal experience60 min (45 min direct, 15 min indirect)1 session95,00
Kennismaking / Informative session45 min (30 min direct, 15 min indirect)1 session50,00