Psychological Help for Students

They say your years as a student are the best of your life. Unfortunately sometimes the stress caused by exams, deadlines and writing your papers or thesis can be overwhelming. Do you have trouble dealing with your study load? Do you “freak-out” before exams? Would you like to improve your public speaking skills? Do you feel stuck writing your thesis? Or perhaps you feel down and homesick most of the time. If you do you may consider asking for some help. Our therapists speak English, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, and Dutch. We look at your specific problems with you and together work out the best way to solve the obstacles that you are dealing with. We can help you with issues such as:

  • managing anxiety and stress
  • concentration or motivation problems
  • low self-esteem issues
  • speaking in public
  • writing block
  • organizing and establishing priorities
  • relaxation
  • burnout and life-study balance
  • depression and homesickness
  • cultural adjustment
  • identity and career questions
  • personal growth
  • existential and life-meaning questions

We also offer online support groups for students

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