Sanja Sakotic, MSc

Sanja Sakotic, MSc

Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist,  Main practitioner Inter-Being Groningen


My cultural background is former Yugoslavia, although I grew up in the Netherlands since young age. I have travelled to every continent and have friends and family around the globe. As a psychologist, I have worked in different settings with all kinds of cultural backgrounds.


After a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical psychology and a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology at the University of Utrecht, I followed two post-master’s specializations at PPO in Groningen.
I hold a degree as a generalist (GZ-psycholoog /healthcare psychologist) and a degree as a specialist (Clinical psychologist).


After working in both, mental healthcare and medical healthcare, during my career and training, I have developed a holistic view on health. To have a general feeling of wellbeing, I believe we have to attend to our body, mind and spirit. It is our experiences in both, the past and present, that make up our thoughts, feelings and actions. When there is unresolved trauma, it can be hard to stay in the present moment, connect to our body and interact with our environment accordingly. Also stressful life events in the present can take up much of our life energy, which we need for our daily functioning.


In my approach as a psychotherapist, I use techniques from different perspectives (psychodynamic, systemic, schema focused, CBT, EMDR, ACT & Mindfulness). I adjust to whatever is necessary for each individual client. Thereby I also believe in ‘practice what you preach’ and ‘walking the talk’. This means I have been through the things I teach myself, and also continue to invest in my own personal development.


I am happy to walk along with you for a part of your life’s journey. Together we will gain insight in the patterns that are keeping you from living your best and most authentic life, and figure out how you can feel at home within yourself again.


I work in Groningen and provide therapy in Dutch, English and Serbo-Croatian.


BIG register GZ-psycholoog/Klinisch psycholoog: 09922188725
BIG register Psychotherapeut: 29922188716